Montford historic district door restoration

Here we are stripping the 100 years of built-up lead paint from these original old-growth pine doors.  The client decided to have them painted, so I will be priming them with Benjamin Moore Enamel undercoat for the smoothest possible finish.  

We are using the silent paint remover to remove the paint.  This process is followed by sanding every inch of the doors with 80 then 120 grit sandpaper.  

All repairs are made using Abatron epoxy system and nails holes filled with ready patch.

The original door bell has been stripped by allowing the hardware to soak overnight in a crock pot with water and a couple tablespoons of baking soda.  After soaking I clean remaining residue with a small nylon bristle brush and rinse in warm water.  This is followed by polishing with extra fine steel wool.


Abatron epoxy repair to bottom corner.  First, 10 3/16" holes were drilled into corner to provide a mechanical bond between the door and epoxy.  A strip of wood was taped to edge to provide a square corner for the epoxy to flow to.